Friday, March 1, 2013

Posh Creations Scrapbooking Portfolio Picture

This is the cover to my portfolio book...I LOVE the new Industrial Chic Trinkets that I found at Michael's...
This book will include prices of my paperbag albums~sample photos of some of my favorite projects~and a little about me.  =)

More pics to follow!
Thank you,

A few new projects... paperbag scrapbooks

~little ones~

Today and Tomorrow wrap up my kids first time of sharing a sport!  It has been a little hard running all over to 3 different games every single Saturday, but worth it!! My kids have had a blast, and watching them play, grow, and make friends have been very special for me to watch!
Upward Basketball has been an inspiration to me as a mom.  It not only allows the kids to make friends, learn a sport, discipline, and exercise, but also they learn about Jesus and His word. 
I can't wait for the next Upward sport to begin.

I can't wait to show you the project that I have been hard at work on for my kids and the family...  I am a very proud mommy.

Now....back to work!

31 Days of Lists

So, today after all of my orders are finished, I am so excited to be starting my 31 days of lists!
I printed out my daily "list titles" and can't wait to get started!!

I will be posting pics every couple of days to show how it is going...I will be selling my version of  "31 days of lists" in my etsy shop, so if you are not following me yet, click on the side bar of this page and join my etsy shop.  Don't forget to add me on facebook too...I have sales and giveaways, and you know you don't want to miss that!!

A few topics that I am excited to cover are:

My morning routine
Title of my autobiography
I am famous for
If I could do it all over
Songs that I love
Favorite childhood memory
Why I homeschool

Have a wonderful day!!

Stacie ~ posh creations scrapbooking