Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Altered Tool Box~Duct tape craft

This was a special order, that I have recently completed...Altered Tool boxes...for the girls boxes, they are going to be used as caboodles, for hair and beauty products, and for the little boy box, he is going to use his for toys, cars, trucks, motorcycles...These boxes are fun to make!
To order one for yourself or someone else, please email me at  The price for the box is $35.00 each.  They make great gifts!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This Paperbag book is for your little girl, your little princess...It turned out so beautiful.  Tons of embellishments, ribbons, stickers, quotes, places to write her favorites, her name, a wish for her, brads, flowers, 3d embellishments, and tons of ribbons!
If you have a special request, I am happy to make any type of layout or book for you, please email me at  ~~Thanks~~Stacie

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

6x6 Premade Paper Bag Scrapbook Album~Pregnancy/Expecting

BEAUTIFUL6x6 album, embellished with tons of ribbons, fabric flowers, brads, 3D embellishment stickers, and "monthly" embellishment for every month of pregnancy, for you to either add a photo, or you can journal about your symptons, cravings, or dr. appointments for that month. 
~~~ALSO AVAILABLE NOW:  3 Paperbag Scrapbooks (Bundle) I have divided each month of pregnancy up by trimesters....The three of them come bundled with a ribbon, and are available for purchase by special order only! $45.00 is the cost.  It is a great deal!  Email me at
OR I can bundle:  Wedding/Pregnancy/baby girl or boy... $45.00.

Below are the pics for this completed pregnancy album...........

Pregnancy~Expecting Paperbag Scrapbook Album 6x6...ADORABLE!!

My Favorite so far!  This album is so bright and colorful and loaded with tons of embellishments!!  I have 3 more orders today, but I couldn't help but to finish this album.  Sometimes, I get caught up in to one design... All of my books are unique.  I can try to "copy" them, but there is something different about every album, so you can count on yours to be just as special as this one. =)  Follow me on Twitter for daily tweets @poshcreations1......

Pregnancy ~ Expecting Baby Boy Paperbag Scrapbook Album

So cute!!!! Check out this pregnancy paperbag album....made the same as the rest of them, but this is a special order, also...for another new customer....SO exciting!!  I LOVE this one so much!

Baby Boy Paperbag Scrapbook Album

I just finished this album for one of my new customers!  It is an adorable baby boy premade paperbag scrapbook album.  I embellished all of the pages with tons of ribbons, stickers, quotes, 3d stickers, brads, and inked scrapbook papers.  Feel free to email me at if you have a question or a special request.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Paper Bag Scrapbook Albums

Paper bag scrapbook albums are really adorable!  They come in 5x5 or 6x6 sizes.  I like them because you can place them on your mantel or coffee table.  I get many requests for them, they are the new hot item! 
I take 3 paperbags, line them up, fold them in half, hole punch the crease, and then the fun begins!  I cut each paper to fit the bag, glue it on, and then embellish it like crazy!  I personally like a detailed page.  So...after each page is to my liking, I add ribbons.  Tons of ribbons!!  Then my paper bag album is complete, and ready to sell.  I am spending the next few days working only on paper bag albums, to stock my store with them.  If you have a special request, please email me, Special orders are my favorite!!  I love talking to customers and finding out exactly what they want, and making it for them.  Making them happy, is the best part of my job.  =)  Thanks for reading my blog....Come back, or join!! ~~Stacie 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

12x12 Premade Pregnancy Scrapbook Pages

I am so excited about how these pages turned out!  I have been working with a client for a couple of weeks now, trying to get her first pregnancy book put together.  For the first trimester, I have come up with the following pages...They are all embellished with tons of ribbons, stickers, quotes, buttons, brads, high quality scrapbook paper, and 3d embellishments.  I can't wait to get started on the 2nd trimester pages!  ~~Stacie