About Stacie

My name is Stacie, and I am a mom of 3, and a wife.
I homeschool my kids, it's not always easy it, but I love it.  Even the bad days, I feel blessed.
I have been scrapbooking for 11 years, and started my home based Posh Creations Scrapbooking business in November 2011.
One day, I would love for my daughter, Adyson and I to open a store, not to just sell scrapbooking items, but to teach others and share our love and inspiration of the hobby with others.
I enjoy creating special custom orders, from customers MORE then just creating something to list and sell. 
I am very organized, but my scrapbooking area is a mess while I am working, and I love that!
I also prefer to stand up while I am scrapbooking!

Thank you for reading this page!
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I LOVE facebook friend requests, you can find me at Posh's Scrapbooking.
~Stacie...Designer and Owner~